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light dreaming of light

fog too

2/5/07 10:10 pm - write about a hollow space

the sky, filled with machine
clouds and starlight cathedrals?
where god falls upon our heavy heads, drying the white
around my iris's, pulling tight my eyelids.
while the moon rolls along the skinny clouds
and land the edges of your mouth, your crooked smile.

i dont know?
why i can see for miles, breathe the dreaming distance,
breath rolling away from my tongue and disappear. my imagination will
hear this emptiness as if it were filled,
as if i were filled and it was lighting my reflection
spoiling this solemn space with tears.

collide in open air, we,
my dear's only open empty air.

10/7/06 08:40 pm - bannedindc

its an adrenaline rush.
push come from shove
frozen face down,
inextricably connected to failure.

7/9/06 09:08 pm - ingratiate, my friends

every eye turned toward purple, pragmatic.
foul-mouthed, artsy, she sought refuge personalized
sanctuary, nihilism.
swallowed aspirations whole.
K-hole, marxist twain sure some furious fella.
opend wide darling crooked smile,
lonsome birth, envelopes. concensus
built truism.
you know, preceed from doubt.

7/7/06 02:11 am - bordo

i am replete with contempt , adismal summertime ennui. all that i had took flight, much to my disdin, much to the disdain of my daydream gaze.

alas! there is mario to be had, books to be read. consumate fermented libations most august. spirit, freedom, and freindship.

a most capascious appeal; if spread thin atop stretched blacktop lanes, separated by so much familiarity bid the onias "good day", and in turn he shall tip his hat, "good day".

6/26/06 01:50 am - im elation

you wont believe this,
sometimes i fear my dreams
and classical disaster.
im telling you the future
dissolute and defunk,
we can be sick or sad slick show boats
queens of the mississippi.
young tuck pucked-up mannequins,
angry or upset, still juvenile.
(amile amile amile)
we can atleast pretend we're not mad,
they dont mix.
cane sugar--vice--tropical spice.
rum sun soaked washed belly
(tonights tonights tonights)
ease me into mercury please
baths stopped. clogged resource
appropriate taste conceit
style so flamboyant, delight delight delight

6/17/06 07:45 pm - stay the same

par for more
set to the floor
time will pass
go by
ensconsed in triad
thalia my grace
nothng left to say, nothing left to face
lets go
lets break.

or stay the same

6/9/06 08:05 pm - summer rain

summerrain flylow away over head
retreating from the tree tops tips. expand horizon,
expansive contracting,
aire gaining pay. relenting to sun-blown wind
such as to burn away my gaze

6/5/06 01:56 am - oh i'll be fine!

what kidz gleen aint
sunlite, hunglow stars,
wagering on high stakes
slightly swayed-back taped
and stoneaged.
just drama queens
melocomedic celebrities,
a tidal wave of "to my knee's!".
a skined disease. slight framed in unease, "oh i'll be fine!"
wrapped us up in twine. needle and pine. so see thru, sign.
but kept afloat.
not in a boyant way, like jesus christ
in a time machine.
digressive metaphysical wage slave.
lined & paved.
so says, 'saint stereotypical', of this place
...lined & paved

6/3/06 03:22 pm - so behind

i know that guy!

the Evergreen State college, student body, and futility.

5/31/06 12:49 am - cant you read?

so, i can hear your voice over the radio in my room,
so let us pique
so we were like summertime in love.
we were like in context,
part of the flaw in language
characterized by contemporary social discourse
embedded, and we were like "betwixt the line".
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